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My Beary Best Friend

WELCOME to MY BEARY BEST FRIEND Mobile Fluff & Stuff Factory!

WELCOME to MY BEARY BEST FRIEND Mobile Fluff & Stuff Factory!

WELCOME to MY BEARY BEST FRIEND Mobile Fluff & Stuff Factory!WELCOME to MY BEARY BEST FRIEND Mobile Fluff & Stuff Factory!WELCOME to MY BEARY BEST FRIEND Mobile Fluff & Stuff Factory!



The mission of My Beary Best Friend is to enrich the lives of children by creating quality stuffed toys in an exciting party setting.

My Beary Best Friend is committed to bringing happiness to the hearts of children, while giving back to our community! 

MBBF will donate a portion of all event proceeds to children's charities, community fundraisers and/or animal rescue organizations.


MBBF was founded in 2019 by 3 “Beary best friends”. We've been best friends for over 20 years! All 3 of us have spent our careers working in healthcare. We have experience working with children of all backgrounds, all family types, and children with sensory sensitivities. All these years, the 3 of us shared a dream of one day finding a way to bring happiness to children everyday.

Fast forward 20 years, and our dream to one day bring happiness & excitement to children has finally become a reality! We couldn't be more excited to share this party experience with your child, and your family!

And it's our promise that your child will have the most amazing party experience ever! So come be a part of our family too!


Birthday parties are the heart & soul of MBBF! Allow us to create the "ultimate party to remember" for your child & their friends. MBBF Mobile Fluff & Stuff Factory comes to your location and hosts an interactive & super-fun event! We provide hours of excitement and entertainment to your party guests. Your child and their friends will have the time of their lives - and the best part is - each guest gets to keep their BEARY BEST FRIEND forever!

Check out our pricing page for our available birthday party options. Don't see what you like there? No problem. We will gladly work with you to customize a special package.


MBBF Mobile Fluff & Stuff Factory is an amazing addition to any community event - including festivals, charity events, walk-a-thons, farmer's markets, bark-in-the-park, church fairs, etc. We provide the entire setup @ your location, and donate a large portion of our proceeds directly back to you! 

We have several options available to choose from, and will gladly customize an event package just for you.


MBBF is a wonderful option to raise money for your organization. We have a variety of fundraising options for you to choose from; returning up to 50% of proceeds back to you! Our fundraising events include: 

- Catalog Sales - order "ready stuffed" plush toys

- School Mascot stuffing parties

- Create your own plush toy kits

- Fun parties or booth setup at your event

- Custom T-Shirts for your plush toy (with your school/business logo)

All of this at no cost to you! We will work with you to create a successful sales event, ensuring your organization receives the most funds. We do all the legwork and you make the money!


MBBF only utilizes supplies from one of America's prestigious wholesale distributers. All clothing, animals & stuffing surpass national standards for quality & child safety. We are proud to utilize a supplier whose practices also focus on child labor laws. These laws ensure that all items are manufactured in childless work environments.


Please give us your event info and we'll respond right away!

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We are so excited to work with you on your event. Send us a message to ask us a question or to RSVP! 

We'll get back to you soon!

My Beary Best Friend

Riverview, Florida, United States

(813) 499-4600


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